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Notwithoutrisk Consulting uses the 52 Risks® framework to assist businesses with strategic and business planning, the design and implementation risk management frameworks, and the identification of key business risks.

52 Risks® is a free resource for investors, business owners, CEOs, finance executives, risk managers, academics and students to use to better understand business risks. 

52 Risks® was the idea of Peter Deans, an Australian-based former Chief Risk Officer. Over his 30+ years career, Peter witnessed many businesses failing to meet their business and financial goals. In worse cases business got into severe financial distresses and went out of business. Often business failure was contributed to by a failure to accurately assess and understand the risks inherent in their businesses.

The 52 Risks® framework comprises the definitive list of Strategic, Financial and Operational Risks that any business – irrespective of size and industry – need to be concerned about. The framework combines ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’ analysis – in a clear and easy to follow format.

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Peter is also available to talk about the 52 Risks® framework at board and management workshops, strategic and business planning sessions, and conferences.  Email us on for further information.