Growth = Complexity = Risk.  Management of business risks in start-ups and other fast-growing companies

February 2020

Practical steps and guidance for start-ups on how and when to build out risk management infrastructure across the business.

Climate Change Risk – Time for some short, medium and long term scenario planning by businesses 

December 2019

What steps can businesses take to begin to think about the potential impacts on them from climate change ? Assessing climate change risk should be considered an important part of building organisational resilience over the short, medium and long term.

Key Business Drivers – Getting to the bottom of what really drives revenue, earnings and cash flow in a business

November 2019

Do we really understand the Key Business Drivers when we are undertaking risk assessments, preparing strategic plans or looking to invest in or lend to businesses ? 

Want to get a bit stressed? The role of stress testing and downside scenario analysis in the corporate sector

October 2019

Banking regulators and individual banks have now institutionalized regular and rigorous stress testing. What lessons can businesses outside the banking and finance sectors learn from this experience ?

Is your business model sound? Looking in the rear view mirror

October 2019

Business leaders often neglect to critically question the sustainability of their business model. What questions should be asked in the quest to identify Business Model Risk ?

Why RegTech should matter to banks and financial institutions

September 2019

Technology adoption usually raises much regulatory scrutiny, but not the adoption of regulation and compliance technology – RegTech. In the next 5 years, we can expect various regulations in the finance sector to be updated and changed.

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